Hartman Student Competition Winning Papers

2013 winners

  • First Place (tie): Matt Woody, UNC Chapel Hill, "Can Remote Sensing Products Detect the Air Quality Signal due to Aviation Emissions?" Download
  • First Place (tie): Lakshmi Pradeepa Vennam, UNC Chapel Hill, "An Observation and Model based-assessment of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) from a Medium-Sized U.S. Airport." Download
  • Second Place: Bosung Kim, Georgia Tech, "Runway Assignment by Minimizing Emissions in Terminal Airspace." Download
  • Third Place: José E. Bernardo, Georgia Tech, "Development and Assessment of Generic Airports for Fleet-Level Noise Modeling." Download

2012 winners

  • First Place: Gustaf Solveling, Georgia Tech, “Scheduling of Runway Operations for Reduced Environmental Impact.” Download
  • Second Place: Matt LeVine, Georgia Tech, “Noise Sensitivity Characterization in the Context of the Environmental Design Space." Download
  • Third Place: Matt Woody, UNC Chapel Hill, “Aircraft Emissions’ Contributions to Organic Aerosols in a Regional Air Quality Model using the Volatility Basis Set.” Download
  • Fourth Place: Hsiao-Hsien Hsu, Harvard School of Public Health, “The Relationship between Aviation Activities and Ultrafine Particulate Matter Concentrations Near a Mid-Sized Airport.” Download

2011 winners

  • First Place: Alexander Naiman, Stanford U., "Simulation of Persistent Aircraft Contrails for Assessment of Climate Impact." Download
  • Second Place: Russell Stratton, MIT, "Impact of Non-CO2 Combustion Effects from Aviation on the Environmental Feasibility of Alternative Jet Fuels" Download
  • Second Place: Harshad Dilip Khadilkar, MIT, "Estimation of Aircraft Taxi-out Fuel Burn using Flight Data Recorder Archives," Download
  • Second Place: Steven Isley, Georgia Tech, "A Comparison of Aircraft Retirement and Fuel Efficiency Policy Instruments: A Modified Fleet and Operations Module Approach" Download

2010 winners

  • First Place: Matthew Woody. University of North Carolina, “The Impacts of Aviation Emissions on Current and Future Particulate Matter: The Effects of the Speciated Model Attainment Test on the Community Multiscale Air Quality Model Results." Download
  • Second Place: Jeffrey Rissman, University of North Carolina, "Evaluating the Impact of the U.S. EPA’s Proposed Revisions to the SO2, NO2, and O3 Primary Standards on the U.S. Aviation Sector." Download (pdf 1M)
  • Third Place: Keith Becker, Georgia Institute of Technology, "Rapid Generation of Fleet-level Environmental Metrics for the 300-Passenger Seat Class." Download

2008 winners

  • First Place: Elza Brunelle-Yeung, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Impact of Subsonic Aviation on Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer Incidence Due to Atmospheric Ozone Variation. Download
  • Second Place: Christopher J. Sequeira, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Relationships Between Emissions-Related Aviation Regulations and Human Health. Download
  • Third Place: Peter A. Barros Jr., Georgia Institute of Technology, A Process to Validate the Predictive Capability of the Environmental Design Space through Error Quantification and Uncertainty Propagation Download