Event-Related Papers

  • Briefings, PARTNER Research 2003-2013 Public Symposium, March 1, 2013, Costa Mesa, California. Download

PARTNER-related papers for the ICAO Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection

8th Meeting, 1-12 February 2010, Montréal, Canada

  • CAEP/8 NOX Stringency Cost-Benefit Analysis Demonstration Using APMT-Impacts. Download
  • APMT-Economics and its Application in the CAEP/8 NOx Stringency Analysis. Download
  • Update on U.S. Aviation Environmental Research and Development Efforts. Download

7th Meeting, 5-16 February 2007, Montréal, Canada

  • Environmental Design Space Progress Download
  • Aviation Environmental Design Tool Progress Download
  • Aviation Environmental Portfolio Management Tool Progress Download
  • Workshop on the Impacts of Aviation on Climate Change Download
  • PARTNER Research and International Collaboration Download
  • The Potential for Alternative Fuels for Aviation Download
  • US Joint Planning and Development Office Progress Download
  • Demo & Assessment, US-Canada Environmental Tool Suite Download
  • Transition to Comp. Approach for Assess/Address Aviation Env. Impact Download