Non-volatile particulate matter – SAE E31 Aerospace Recommended Practice research issues

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The FAA, along with US EPA, Transport Canada, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), has committed to underwrite studies that address research needs identified by SAE’s E31 (Aircraft Exhaust Emissions Measurement) Committee that must be resolved to develop an Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) for aircraft engine non-volatile particulate matter (nvPM) emissions. Project 37 will focus on a set of well-defined research needs associated with the sampling and measurement nvPM from a wide range of gas turbine engines. These needs arise from the deliberations of the SAE E31 committee as they pursue the development of a recommended practice. This work is based and builds on preliminary studies conducted under PARTNER Projects 29 and 34. Project 37’s objectives are to work closely with the SAE E-31 committee on sampling methodology development issues, including demonstration and validation of the methodology, and coordinate with similar programs underway in Europe and sponsored by EASA and FOCA, to assure research needs are met for the development of an ARP for aircraft engine non-volatile PM emissions.

Anticipated outcome

Development of an Aerospace Recommended Practice for aircraft engine non-volatile Particulate Matter emissions.

Participating university

Missouri University of Science and Technology

Lead investigator

Philip D. Whitefield, Director of Missouri S&T Center of Excellence for Aerospace Particulate Emissions Reduction Research, Missouri University of Science and Technology,

Project manager

Carl Ma

Papers and reports

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