2010 - 2012 News

Open-rotor Noise Impact on Airport Communities report available

NOVEMBER 2012: Open-rotor Noise Impact on Airport Communities has been posted to the PARTNER website where it may be downloaded. The document is the final report for Project 35, which is now complete. Project 35 researched an assessment of metrics for turbofan and open rotor engines. The variation among metrics was used to quantify the impact of metric selection for engine architectures. The report was completed in 2011, but the review of results was only recently completed.

Project 48, Development Of A Distributed Approach To System Level Uncertainty Quantification, announced

NOVEMBER 2012: As part of its tool development effort, the FAA Office of Environment and Energy leads research analyses of policy outcomes to uncertainties in input parameters and assumptions of different tools. PARTNER Project 48, Development Of A Distributed Approach To System Level Uncertainty Quantification, will develop an approach to perform a system-level uncertainty quantification analysis. This system-level assessment will quantify how input uncertainties propagate through a system comprising multiple modeling components. Specifically, researchers are interested in quantifying how uncertainties at the aircraft design level propagate through the Environmental Toolsuite and contribute to uncertainty in overall policy outcomes.

MIT's Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment will conduct the research under lead investigator Professor Karen Willcox. Rhett Jefferies will manage the project for the FAA.

Ninth Annual Hartman Paper Competition announced

OCTOBER 2012: PARTNER is soliciting submissions for its Ninth Annual Joseph A. Hartman Student Paper Competition. The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students located anywhere in the world.

PARTNER'S Hileman named FAA environmental chief science/tech advisor

NOVEMBER 2011: The FAA has appointed PARTNER  associate director Dr. Jim Hileman as its new Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor for Environment and Energy. He will begin his new job on November 7. -more-

PARTNER launches new projects, publishes new reports

OCTOBER 2010: The  Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emission Reduction has extended its research to include new projects on noise, particulate matter, and aircraft operations. Recently published PARTNER reports focus on greenhouse gas emissions, sonic/subsonic noise simulation, and noise health impacts. -more-

PARTNER report compares alt fuel GHG emissions

MAY 2010: aviation alternative fuels’ greenhouse gas emissions throughout their entire lifecycle. The research behind the report
Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Alternative Jet Fuels was the first to employ a consistent research methodology to examine a wide range of fuels. -more-

Hileman, Jessop named Centers of Excellence Faculty, Student of the Year

MARCH 2010: An MIT principal researcher and a Purdue University doctoral candidate were honored at the March meeting of the Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emission Reduction Advisory Board at UNC for their work researching aviation’s environmental impact. -more-

2010 Hartman Student Paper Competition winners announced

MARCH 2010: Three graduate students representing Georgia Tech and the University of North Carolina are the winners in the Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction's 2010 Joseph A. Hartman Student Paper Competition.

The first place award of $3,400 went to Matthew Woody of UNC for his paper “The Impacts of Aviation Emissions on Current and Future Particulate Matter: The Effects of the Speciated Model Attainment Test on the Community Multiscale Air Quality Model Results.” He is a second year master's candidate. -more-